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Pets as Therapy at Happy Hands Donegall Pass

Pets As Therapy P.A.T. dog Rolo, with his owner Wendy, visited our Happy Hands ASD after school club today at Donegall Pass.

We will be thinking of ways to introduce Pets As Therapy on a more regular basis to our programmes, including perhaps the READ2DOGS programme where children read in the presence of dogs to enhance literacy skills and encourage reading in a relaxed environment.

Pets As Therapy has over 5,000 P.A.T dogs and P.A.T. cats throughout the UK. Thousnads of people benefit every single week from the services provided by the Charity's strong volunteer base. Each dog and cat is owned by a registered volunteer, and undergo an assessment carried out by one of a nationwide team of assessors to establish if the dog/cat has the correct temperament to become a visiting animal.

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