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Our volunteers include...


University students in psychology, social work, nursing, education, PGCE and other disciplines volunteer in our Social Development Programmes on weekday afternoons, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. 


We also recruit students, and student teachers, to help with our three week long Summer Scheme in July and August.


For students from Queen’s University Belfast, volunteering at Sólás is recognised through the 'Degree Plus' Programme.

Our volunteers include...


Student teachers who help with our Kids Support Den Educational Development Programme providing one-on-one homework help for 6 to 11 year olds, four days a week.


Experienced retired teachers to help with our Educational Development Programme 'Back on Track', in schools across Northern Ireland, providing one-on-one support to primary school children with educational needs.





Volunteering with Sólás...


Provides you an excellent opportunity to help children with learning difficulties and gain experience in a happy environment.


We rely on volunteers for a range of activities in our Educational Development programmes, 'Back on Track’ and 'Kids Support Den', and our Social Development programmes, ‘Happy Hands’ ‘Time for Me’ and ‘Champ Youth’.


As a volunteer you will play a vital role encouraging children with autism to socialise and integrate with other children, support their emotional wellbeing, and help them develop their communication skills.


You will support the children, encouraging them to play, socialise and have fun in a safe and happy environment.






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