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Early Years early intervention programme

About 'Early Years'

This is our early-intervention for 2 year olds with Additional Needs. This is the youngest age group we work with.

The programme delivers support to children who are showing delayed language skills, play skills, personal and social skills, indicating early signs of autism and/ or additional needs.The aim of the programme is to work with these children through play to encourage individual development in key areas. 

Who does it help?

Currently the programme supports approximately 15 families from the Belfast area. 


Children must be between the ages of 2 to 3. Typically they have been identified by family support workers, health visitors and other professionals as not meeting their developmental milestones.

Children learn best through play. The programme aims to support the needs and learning of each child individually. All children access a range of activities from arts & crafts, sensory play, sensory room, outdoor play, circle time, music and stories. 


Each session is supported by 3 staff members, and on occasion we have volunteers from education or childcare studies. 

For further information or to find out about child spaces please contact Kathryn Kelly on 07543001445 or email

When does it run?

Children attend 2 sessions per week at Sólás, 284a Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 2GB. We run sessions from Monday to Thursday with no more than 5 children per group. 

Parent & Toddler group

The Early Years parent and toddler group. runs Friday mornings 9.30am to 11am at Sólás premises, 284a Ormeau Road, Belfast. Contact to register. Further info and flyer can be found here

See more about our Early Years programme in the video below

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